About Us

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham.

Fashion, as a form of self-expression, can make us feel empowered and more in touch with our inner selves. We can non-verbally communicate a part of our personality with the rest of the world through our clothing. With this belief in heart, Gailina started DREAM, I GO to inspire people to express their inner selves through fashion and overcome self-doubts to live their dreams.

Gailina herself keeps hustling and smiling through her challenges. Suffering from a spinal cord injury from a car wreck, Gailina continues to keep faith in herself, continues to fight for improvement, and continues to inspire people around her. With the power of I DREAM, I GO, Gailina wishes to become a vessel of positivity and optimism and inspire people to follow their dreams. I DREAM, I GO strives to motivate individuals to overcome adversity and accomplish the goals they set for themselves. I DREAM, I GO believes that only through self-acceptance people can live the life they truly deserve.



I DREAM, I GO’s mission is to offer fashion products that help individuals express their most
authentic selves and empower themselves to overcome self-doubts to live their dreams.


I DREAM, I GO’s vision is to become a realm of positivity and optimism that helps people
around the world develop self-acceptance and overcome self-doubts.